List of New Holidays in 2012

160 holidays and events were initiated in 2012.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 1National Sunday Supper Month 
Jan 8National Sunday Supper Day 
Jan 11I Am A Mentor Day 
Jan 11National Take the Stairs Day 
Feb 1Digital Learning Day 
Feb 1Gum Disease Awareness Month 
Feb 1La Poutine Week (Canada) 
Feb 3International Golden Retriever Day 
Feb 3The Inbox Day 
Feb 4Liberace Day 
Feb 4National Libraries Day (UK) 
Feb 4National Pork Rind Appreciation Day 
Feb 8National Potato Lover's Day 
Feb 9National Pizza Day 
Feb 10National No One Eats Alone Day 
Feb 11World Information Architecture Day 
Feb 12National P B and J Day 
Feb 13World Radio Day 
Feb 14International Book Giving Day 
Feb 14National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day 
Feb 15Hippo Day 
Feb 15Slap Day 
Feb 16Kick Day 
Feb 17Perfume Day 
Feb 18Flirting Day 
Feb 19Confession Day 
Feb 20Missing Day 
Feb 21Breakup Day 
Feb 23National Rationalization Day 
Feb 25National Pretty Brown Girl Day 
Feb 27Anosmia Awareness Day 
Feb 29National Frog Legs DayFoodimentary
Mar 1Colic Awareness Month 
Mar 5Say Hi to Mom Day 
Mar 6European Day of the Righteous 
Mar 8Popcorn Lover's Day 
Mar 10International Bagpipe Day 
Mar 15315 DaySocial Media
Mar 16National Panda Day 
Mar 20World Frog Day 
Mar 21National Crunchy Taco Day 
Mar 28Haitian Pose Day 
Apr 1California Wines Down to Earth Month 
Apr 1National Soylent Green Day 
Apr 2Love Your Produce Manager Day 
Apr 4Whole Grain Sampling Day 
Apr 8Rex Manning Day 
Apr 16National Advance Care Planning Day (Canada) 
Apr 18National Stalking Awareness Day (UK) 
Apr 21World Immunization Week 
Apr 22Bed Bug Awareness Week 
Apr 22National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week (Canada) 
Apr 22National Princess WeekDisney
Apr 24National Lingerie Day 
Apr 24World Stationery Day 
Apr 25National No Makeup Day 
Apr 28Obscura Day 
Apr 30International Jazz Day 
May 1Cystinosis Awareness Month 
May 1Oregon Wine Month 
May 1Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month 
May 2World Tuna Day 
May 4Anti-Bullying Day 
May 6International Family Equality Day 
May 8National Coral Reef Day (Indonesia) 
May 9Global Accessibility Awareness Day 
May 9Moscato Day 
May 9National Bike To School Day 
May 10National Liver and Onions DayFoodimentary
May 13International Hummus Day 
May 16HAE Day :-) 
May 16National Barbecue DayFoodimentary
May 17National Curves Day (Illinois) 
May 19Cultivating Connectedness Day 
May 19Culture Freedom Day 
May 19Hepatitis Testing Day 
May 19National Learn to Swim Day 
May 19World Fiddle Day 
May 20World Baking Day 
May 20World Whisky Day 
Jun 1Binky Day 
Jun 1National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month 
Jun 1Ohio Wine Month 
Jun 4National Troll Day 
Jun 6World IPv6 Day 
Jun 8National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day 
Jun 9Bill and Ted Day 
Jun 9Coral Triangle Day 
Jun 12International Falafel Day 
Jun 12National Jerky Day 
Jun 17International Black Veil Brides Day 
Jun 17Stop Cyberbullying Day 
Jun 22No Panty Day 
Jun 23Alan Turing Day 
Jun 23International Ragweed Day 
Jun 24Cat World Domination Day 
Jun 26National Toothbrush Day 
Jul 1National HIV Awareness Month 
Jul 2No Shame Day 
Jul 6Outdoor Classroom Day (UK) 
Jul 7World Mango Day 
Jul 9Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Day (Ohio) 
Jul 10Oils and Concentrates Day 
Jul 12National Michelada Day 
Jul 14International Non-Binary People's Day 
Jul 21National Craft for your Local Shelters Day 
Jul 23National Moth Week 
Jul 27Gary Gygax Day 
Aug 1National Alpaca Day (Peru) 
Aug 1World Lung Cancer Day 
Aug 1World Mutt-i-grees Rescue Month 
Aug 4International Albarino Day 
Aug 6KFS Awareness Day 
Aug 12World Elephant Day 
Sep 1Daughter's Day (Canada) 
Sep 1Le Burger Week (Canada) 
Sep 3Drexciya Day 
Sep 8Star Trek Day 
Sep 9PBC Awareness Day 
Sep 10Deficit Day 
Sep 10International Creepy Boston Dynamics Robotic Horse Day 
Sep 12Myelofibrosis Awareness Day 
Sep 13World Sepsis Day 
Sep 15National Black Female Photographers Day 
Sep 15National Field Hockey Day 
Sep 15National Tell A Police Officer "Thank You" Day 
Sep 22National Walk 'N Roll Dog Day 
Sep 24National Familial Hypercholesterolemia Day 
Oct 1Drawloween 
Oct 1National Kink Month 
Oct 3World Cerebral Palsy Day 
Oct 4National Good Hair Day (Australia) 
Oct 5Global James Bond Day 
Oct 5International Day of No Prostitution 
Oct 13Good Samaritan Day 
Oct 14Spider-Man Day (New York) 
Oct 15National Pug Day 
Oct 18International Necktie Day 
Oct 22World Energy Day 
Oct 30National Text Your Ex DayNational Today
Nov 1International Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Awareness Day 
Nov 1National Bison Day 
Nov 2Fountain Pen Day 
Nov 5National Concrete Appreciation Day 
Nov 6Legalization Day 
Nov 9Kids Ocean Day HK 
Nov 11Wine Tourism Day 
Nov 26Good Grief Day 
Nov 27Giving Tuesday 
Nov 29National Chocolates DayFoodimentary
Dec 1Decembeaver 
Dec 1Global Fat Bike Day 
Dec 1National Christmas Lights Day 
Dec 1National Fried Pie DayFoodimentary
Dec 3National Phenylketonuria (PKU) Awareness Day 
Dec 8National Christmas Tree Day (Canada) 
Dec 12Boca Fans' Day (Argentina) 
Dec 14Official Lost and Found Day 
Dec 22National Mathematics Day (India) 
Dec 25National Waiters Day (UK) 

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