Holidays Beginning With D

Day of the Programmer
Day of The SeafarerJun 25
International Day of the SealMar 22
Day of the Seven BillionOct 31
World Day of the SickFeb 11
Day of the Six BillionOct 12
Day of the Skulls (Bolivia)Nov 9
World Day of the SnowmanJan 18
International Day of the Unborn ChildMar 25
International Day of The Victims of Enforced DisappearancesAug 30
Day of the Victims of Holocaust and of Racial Violence (Slovakia)Sep 9
International Day of The World's Indigenous PeopleAug 9
World Day of Theatre for Children and Young PeopleMar 20
International Day of United Nations PeacekeepersMay 29
National Day of UnpluggingMar
Day of Valdemar and Reunion Day (Denmark)Jun 15
International Day of Veterinary MedicineDec 9
Day of Wallonia (Belgium)Sep 3rd Sun
World Day of War OrphansJan 6
International Day of YogaJun 21
International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital MutilationFeb 6
National Day on WritingOct 20
World Day to Combat DesertificationJun 17
International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against JournalistsNov 2
International Day to End Obstetric FistulaMay 23
International Day to End Violence Against Sex WorkersDec 17
National Day to Prevent Teen PregnancyMay 1st Wed
Day With(out) Art DayDec 1
Daylight Appreciation DayJun 21
Daylight Saving Time BeginsMar 2nd Sun
Daylight Saving Time EndsNov 1st Sun
National Days of ActionMar 1st Fri
Days of the JoySep
Deaf History MonthMar 13-…
National Death Busters Day
National Debunking DayMar 11
Decide to be Married DayJun 27
Decimal Day (UK)Feb 15

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