Holidays Beginning With H

Health Information Privacy and Security WeekApr Sun of Wk. 2
Health Information Professionals Week
National Health IT Week
Health Literacy MonthOct
Health Unit Coordinator DayAug 23
National Healthcare Access Personnel WeekApr Sun of Wk. 1
National Healthcare Decisions DayApr 16
National Healthcare Environmental Services WeekSep 2nd Sun
Healthcare Executives Appreciation WeekJun 1st Sun
Healthcare Foodservice Workers WeekOct Wk. 2
Healthcare Quality WeekOct 3rd Sun
National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition DayJun 1st Tue
Healthcare Security and Safety Officer Appreciation DayOct Wed of Wk. 2
Healthcare Security and Safety WeekOct Sun of Wk. 2
Healthy Aging MonthSep
Healthy and Safe Swimming Week
National Healthy Fats DayMar 21
Healthy Kids DayApr
Healthy Lung MonthOct
National Healthy Schools DayApr 1st Tue
Healthy Schools Day (Canada)Apr
National Healthy Skin MonthNov
Healthy Vision and Ultraviolet Awareness MonthMay
National Healthy Weight Awareness MonthJan
Healthy Weight WeekJan Sun of Wk. 3
Healthy Weight Week (Australia)Feb Wk. 3
National Healthy Weight, Healthy Look DayJan 2nd Thu
World Hearing DayMar 3
World Heart DaySep 29
National Heart Healthy MonthFeb
National Heart Valve Disease Awareness DayFeb 22
National Heart-Brain Health DayJul 17
National Heartworm Awareness MonthApr
National Heat Awareness DayMay Last Fri
National Heatstroke Awareness DayJul 31
National Heavenly Hash DayFeb 2
Hedgehog DayFeb 2
National Heimlich Heroes WeekOct Sun of Wk. 1
Heimlich Maneuver DayJun 1
Helen Keller DayJun 27

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